There's No Fun in Fundamentalism

Language: English

Album: 7 Inch of the Month Club

There's no fun, fun, fun.

There's no fun in Bible study class
There's no fun getting fucked in the ass by a priest
Unless you're old and into that,
It's no fun for a kid who is scared as shit.

There's no fun, fun, fun.

There's no fun when praying on a mat
There's no fun being covered in black clothes in the desert
Unless you're Goth and into that,
But not if you're a woman who is treated like dog shit

There's no fun – for fundamentalist
There's no fun – for the poor capitalist
There's no fun – for Regan in Exorcist
There's no fun, There's no fun

There's no fun in a theocracy
There's no fun unless you have a chosen people I.D.
Still then you got that God decree
There's no fun, fun, fun.

Contributed by giorgio - 2010/1/27 - 08:03

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