Waltz of Huge Hope

Richard Marot
Language: English

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Non volevo scribere più ma la tentazione e più grande che la volontà sopratutto io credo questo
This is just a waltz of huge hope,
A waltz for every good person
Who has believed in a better world
Despite all the problems of every day.

A waltz for Sophie Scholl, for Emmett Till, for Medgar Evers
And also for Martin Luther King
And this waltz helps me to keep my hope
Even when I am walking too sad and alone.

This is just a waltz of huge hope
And now I want to hum a good music,
This is just a waltz of huge hope
This is just a waltz of huge hope.

Contributed by Carles Viadel - 2016/12/22 - 15:10

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