The Peddler

Maria Dunn
Language: English

Testo e musica di Maria Dunn
Lyrics and music by Maria Dunn
Album: "The Peddler"

2008, Live at Edmonton Folk Music Festival
2008, Live at Edmonton Folk Music Festival
Came a peddler to my door
Said he's got a sale on war
I said: What have you come here for
Do you think that I forgot?
Last time you showed to me your wares
It left me cold, it left me scared
I'd rather pay for peaceful cares
Than all your gaudy war

The last war you sold to me
Was anything but victory
I watched it all on my TV
Deception's golden spool
And for a moment I believed
That war is like a clever thief
Takes evil out and good it leaves
But no more will I be fooled

This line you sell seems clean and bright
But when I hold it to the light
I can't ignore its awful blight
It's rotten to the core
Manufactured by your hands
And woven in with freedom's strands
Exported then to foreign lands
It's still a bloody war

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