I've Come for Your Children

Useless Eaters
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Lyrics & Music by Keith Whalley
Album: Dead Nation
I've come for your children
Gonna teach them all those things
that you - are too afraid to say
The truth of this world
that you ran from all your days
Our birthrights gone!
We live in filth and shit
And huddle in the corner
while they steal our souls,
Our dreams - Our very right to life…

Now come, my child – Take a look with me
We'll take a ride down this wild slide - I'll show you just what life can be…
You can take their drug and fuck up your mind!
You can see the bars of your prison -forever lost your dreams they're trapped inside!
You can stab and kill in this murderous hate
Broken promises of freedom leave you powerless and disengaged
Fuck the politics! – We've no position in our lives!
Out hatred for each other brings us closer…
Fighting with ourself…

What good is a man - picked apart at the seams?
Filled with ignorance and lies -and emaciated dreams
Just keep on diggin' that hole until you fill your grave!
Crippled before you can walk gagged at birth
You're mindless now -You're the perfect tool
To perpetuate these United Nations of slaves to the US of A!

Slavery through mind control
Unchained, must mean we're free
With manufactured lifestyle
Are you all that you can be?

Your children will have no place
Less they make the 5 percent!
They'll live in fear and poverty
'Cuz it was too much for us
to admit we'd been lied to all our lives?
And it was too much for us
to be the ones to make the change...
And these fools, they keep on saying
that nothing comes for free…
But these things they don't cost nothing!

In the land of the tool
and the Home of the slave!

Come on now! Tell me, how much more can anyone take?
Please tell me now, 'cuz my mind's about to break!
I can't take no more! I've been climbing these walls - and I just hate!
Well look around you child! It's right in front of your face
They're gonna steal your world -and leave you no place
Can't escape the ghettos and the slums!
Shut up now just suck your thumbs!
How many wasted lives is it gonna take?
Before we take their power back… It's time they pay….
'To You The Whole Universe Is Given
As A Garden Of Delight!'

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