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Questa canzone è nota per essere la canzone sulle scie chimiche, e addirittura alcune tesi complottiste vorrebbero che Prince sia stato ucciso per questo. Non ci credo e trovo che il complottismo, ovvero credere che esistano dei poteri occulti che tutto governano, sia funzionale ai poteri quelli reali, perchè qualsiasi tentativo di cambiamento non va a scalfire i poteri nascosti.
Fatta questa premessa, trovo ben più interessante la parte della canzone che parla dei diritti civili degli afroamericani e delle violenze che ancora oggi subiscono solo per essere neri. Testo che Prince dichiarò essergli stato ispirato da Dick Gregory, comico e attivista per i diritti civili, morto qualche giorno fa a 84 anni

I was born, raised on a slave plantation
In the United States, of the red, white and blue 
Never knew that I was different, till Dr. King was on a balcony 
Lyin' in a bloody pool
I expected so much more from a loving
A loving, loving society
A truthful explanation, you know what
I got another, another conspiracy

If it was just a dream, listen, call me, call me a dreamer too

With more rewards and accolades, then anyone before or after
21st century, oh what a shame, what a shame
Race, race still matters
A race to what, and where we going
We in the same boat, but I'm the only one rowing

Last time I checked, you were sleeping, but you can call me a dreamer too
(What's up with this)

Peanut butter logic, served on a bed of lies 
Don't go down too easy, when you've seen your father cry
Have you ever clutched the steering wheel in your car too tight
Praying that police sirens just pass you by that night
While the helicopter circles us, this theory's getting deep
Think they're spraying chemicals over the city
While we sleep

Come on, I'm staying awake
you can call me a dreamer too
(Ahhh, I got one eye open for these devils)

(Wake up, wake up)

(I pledge allegiance, to..)

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