I Feel the Draft Coming On

Bill Nettles
Language: English

Scritta da Bill Nettles e incisa con la Nettles Brothers String Band.‎
Testo trovato su WWII In ‎American Music

“Posso sentire la cartolina che sta arrivando… Dicono che tutti i isoldati sono felici e che ci ‎divertiremo un sacco… Ma io odio lasciarti, bambina, e preferirei avere 55 anni piuttosto dei 21 che ‎ho…”
Goodbye, goodbye little darling
I know that it won't be long
Until I belong to my Uncle Sam
I can feel the draft coming on

I hate to leave you little darling
It just had to be this way
You see I'm no longer a little boy
I become 21 today

They say that all soldiers are happy
They say they have lots of fun
I wish to God that I was 55
Instead of just 21‎

You may not understand my feelings
That's why I am singing this song
I can't sleep at night, I can't eat a bite
I can feel the draft coming on

Come on, we'll go honkey-tonking
We'll take in every juke joint in town
My questionnaire I have just filled out
I'll soon be training Camp [Down?]

My Uncle's to by my captain
My daddy-in-law will be ‎
Top Sarge over me
I can feel the draft coming on

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