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Malenky Slovos
Language: English

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Malenky Slovos

[ENG] An anti-war song with a more "humanistic" approach,
describing the conflict as seen through the eyes of a fictional father/soldier caught in a seemingly never-ending war, who sees his son grow up only thorough the "home movies" he gets from his family.
Initially set in a kind of SF scenario, it gradually
incorporated elements from the Iraq war (broken promises of troops withdrawal from presidents, sexual assaults on women soldiers at the hands of their own "colleagues", etc)

[ITA] Una canzone pacifista con un approccio quasi "romantico", nel descrivere la situazione di un padre al fronte di un conflitto interminabile, che vede crescere suo figlio solo attraverso i filmini (home movies) che riceve da casa.
Inizialmente ambientata in uno scenario fantascientifico, la canzone è mutata, incorporando parecchi elementi caratteristici della guerra in Iraq e toni di invettiva contro la politica estera US.
You run for shelter from the sparks
You scan the night sky for a star
You point the toy gun at the cam,
You glance up,

towards a soldier, towards a son,
a distant father you’ve never known

Stars shine no matter what’s
going on down here

An RPG round has hit the hatch,
the blast is deafening,
my vision’s blurred
Baby pray for me

You run to the playhouse, and let no one in
Dressed like a ghost, you’re chasing mom

Bang your toddler drum set
made of pots and spoons,
Ask the burning question right on cue

The new president promised
to call us back,
but three years have passed
and nothing has happened yet!

Oh yes, he promised
to get us back,
but this guerrilla warfare
is taking its bloody toll

on many a soldier, on many a son,
assaulted women raped by their own.

Stars shine no matter when,
all this shame’ll be over

on countless injured
on broken souls
on missing lovers, forever lost
Baby wait for me

Contributed by Andrea Imberciadori - 2016/8/4 - 16:43

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