(Indian) Corn Song

Woody Guthrie
Language: English

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Parole di Woody Guthrie.
Musica dei Blackfire, band punk rock composta da due fratelli e una sorella nativi americani, precisamente Navajo.
Nel disco intitolato “Woody Guthrie Singles”, raccolta di brani fino a quel momento sconosciuti e mai pubblicati del grande cantautore, realizzato in collaborazione con la di lui nipote Nora Guthrie.

Woody Guthrie Singles

Il titolo originale ha una riga tirata sopra “Indian” (io non ero capace a formattare correttamente e l’ho messo tra parentesi), a sottolineare che gli argomenti che la canzone affronta - l’affarismo anche in campo bellico, il furto della terra, la corruzione politica e la povertà morale del capitalismo - riguardano tutti noi come vittime, e non solo i nativi americani cui evidentemente Guthrie si voleva rivolgere in primis...
I been a restin’.
Ain't been a workin’
I been seetin' down.
I been a thinkin’
How the rich man runs the land.
How he promised
He would help us,
If we put him
Into office
How he turned his promises around.

Big dictators.
And Agitators,
They tell what all they gonna do,
When they get
Into their office,
See what they can
Take off of us,
Take from me and take from you.

He frisk us, frisk us
Lawyer man,
He won't protect us,
Where O where is a honest man
Barber-man, he
Clip your whiskers
Money-man, he
Clip your sister.
Banker man, he take your land.

‘Cross the Country
I been lookin',
Seldom see
Anybody workin'
Is the work of the world all done
Come a big rain,
Come big thunder,
Come big crop
Plow crop under,
Indians never waste a one.

Can’t beat finance,
Man and weather,
Workin’ man got to
Got together,
Have a big meetin' down in town
Workin’-man gotta
Take the groceries
Feed the widows,
Feed the orphins.
Pass the groceries all around

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