Profilation Cookies Blues

Riccardo Venturi
Languages: English, Italian (Toscano Livornese)

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[June 15, 2015]
Lyrics by Riccardo Venturi
Music: Ad libitum

And so we have to inform you,
Dear readers, oh, dear users,
That some fuckin’ services
That some fuckin’ services
Used by our website,
Oh, by our website
Are using pro-pro-pro
Are using pro-pro-pro
Profilation cookies,
Oh, yea, profilation cookies

But please don’t ask us
What the heck these fuckin’
Pro-pro-profilation cookies are
I remember ol' grandma’s cookies
They were so fuckin’ sweet
Oh, yea, so fuckin’ sweet
Kinda round shaped diabetes, yea,
But they were no pro-pro-pro
No profilation cookies at all

And so we have to inform you,
Dear readers, oh, dear users,
That all this is required
That all this is required
By the new Eu-Eu-Eu-Eu
By the new European laws
An’ so we’re usin’ pro-pro-pro
An’so we’re usin’ pro-pro-pro
Those fuckin’ profilation cookies,
Oh yea, fuckin’ profilation cookies

But please just don’t ask us
What the heck these fuckin’ new
These fuckin’ European laws are
We support no fuckin’ laws
We’re strugglin’ against laws
We don’t givadam’ ‘bout laws
An’ so don’t we ‘bout Europe
An’ its profilation cookies,
Yea, its fuckin’ bitter cookies.

I remember ol' grandpa’s cookies,
They were hard as steel oh yea
Cuz they were made of steel
Ready for the ass of blackies
Nostra patria è il mondo intero,
Nostra legge è la libertà
E i cùchis tu ll’à mettenculo
Ar budello di tu’ mà,
Ar budello di tu’ mà, oh yea!

2015/6/15 - 20:52

Very nice, Riccardo.

It's so good to know that in our beloved Union there's always someone who needs more profilation tools in order to better protect and care for us.

Juha Rämö - 2015/6/16 - 23:56

Dear Juha, don't you feel on your skin the warm protection offered by our beloved Union? We're living like small birds in their nest, but we eat cookies instead of worms... Anyway, cookies (or worms, or even small birds) must have eaten up my dear old PC, and that's why I'm coming back now after 10 days or so. R.I.P. !!

Riccardo Venturi - 2015/6/17 - 09:13

Down below in my guts I fear, well, hope, that one day, better sooner than later, cookies or no cookies, Wikipedia will contain a page like this concerning our beloved Union:

Kalmar Union: Dissolution

Juha Rämö - 2015/6/17 - 09:30

The E.U. law is not protecting the privacy of the users and is annoying for webmasters, web developers and users. In any case google & co will not stop profiling us thanks to this "fuckin' law". They can even identify us without using cookies.

Lorenzo - 2015/6/17 - 10:11

Hell yeah, no doubt that you're gone the very instant you plug in your computer!

Juha Rämö - 2019/4/15 - 15:31

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