(Nothing but) Flowers

Talking Heads
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Scritta da David Byrne, Chris Frantz, Jerry Harrison e Tina Weymouth.
Nell’album intitolato “Naked” (1988), l’album finale per la famosa band di New York.


Ricollegandomi a Down to Earth di Peter Gabriel e ad Apeman dei The Kinks – cui oltre tutto la copertina del disco dei Talking Heads in qualche modo rimanda – mi sa tanto che se l’umanità non si darà presto una regolata non sarà poi mica tanto facile vivere in una “decrescita” che l’uomo non avrà scelto ma che gli sarà imposta dalle circostanze, e che per ciò stesso potrebbe essere niente affatto felice…
Here we stand
Like an Adam and an Eve
The Garden of Eden
Two fools in love
So beautiful and strong
The birds in the trees
Are smiling upon them
From the age of the dinosaurs
Cars have run on gasoline
Where, where have they gone?
Now, it's nothing but flowers

There was a factory
Now there are mountains and rivers
You got it, you got it

We caught a rattlesnake
Now we got something for dinner
We got it, we got it

There was a shopping mall
Now it's all covered with flowers
You've got it, you've got it

If this is paradise
I wish I had a lawnmower
You've got it, you've got it

Years ago
I was an angry young man
I'd pretend
That I was a billboard
Standing tall
By the side of the road
I fell in love
With a beautiful highway
This used to be real estate
Now it's only fields and trees
Where, where is the town
Now, it's nothing but flowers
The highways and cars
Were sacrificed for agriculture
I thought that we'd start over
But I guess I was wrong

Once there were parking lots
Now it's a peaceful oasis
You got it, you got it

This was a Pizza Hut
Now it's all covered with daisies
You got it, you got it

I miss the honky tonks,
Dairy Queens, and 7-Elevens
You got it, you got it

And as things fell apart
Nobody paid much attention
You got it, you got it

I dream of cherry pies,
Candy bars, and chocolate chip cookies
You got it, you got it

We used to microwave
Now we just eat nuts and berries
You got it, you got it

This was a discount store,
Now it's turned into a cornfield
You got it, you got it

Don't leave me stranded here
I can't get used to this lifestyle

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