The Nightingale

PJ Harvey
Language: English

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Da “Let England shake”, il nuovo album con John Parish e Mike Harvey.

“Let England shake”, fatto di rock schietto e folk essenziale ed inciso nel Dorset in una chiesa del diciannovesimo secolo, nasce dopo tre anni di scrittura accurata dei testi e cinque di studio e parla di temi importanti, su tutti la guerra. Lo scopo? Scuotere (shake) le coscienze, smuovere dal torpore la sua Inghilterra, protagonista fin dal titolo dell’opera, l’Inghilterra coloniale e quella dell’intervento in Iraq e Afghanistan, ma anche quella della battaglia di Gallipoli del 1915 in cui assieme ai francesi fallì la conquista di Costantinopoli.” (da Moby Dick di Radio2)

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I have heard the sound of your call
I have chosen your path
I joined your caravan
We called you the nightingale

I remember how excited we were
The best of life lay ahead for us
We marched on wrapped in your song
For you I gave my five-year-old son

I felt him behind me
I felt him helping me
Every one of us will go to paradise
He sang to the soldiers day and night
We called him the nightingale
Get ready, get ready, get ready

Heads on top of sticks were angels around me
Heads on top of sticks became angels around me
Heads on top of sticks crashed the van angels around me
Heads on top of sticks were like angels around me

Contributed by Maria Cristina Costantini - 2011/9/25 - 15:05

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