Live in Peace

Paul Rodgers
Language: English

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Lyrics & music by Paul Bernard Rodgers
Album: Cut Loose


Cut Loose is the 1983 debut solo album by Paul Rodgers (of "Free" and "Bad Company" fame). Unlike his other work, Paul plays all the instruments on this album. It was recorded at his house in Kingstone.
This track, "Live In Peace", describing the horrors of war, will be re-recorded by his next band The Firm on their second album Mean Business (1986).

Early in the morning
just as the sun was rising
came without a warning
the sound of the uprising
Gunfire in the streets,
women and children crying
the crush of marching feet
men and young boys dying...

Why can't we live
in peace ?

We live in the troubled times
the shadow of annihilation
troubles every mind
and chills the heart of every nation
Darkness fills the night
she tries to steal your soul away
killing in the sunlight,
she spreads the shadow through the day

Why can't we live
in peace ?
Why can we have
no release ?

You and I, we don't know why
so many people cry
You and I, we don't know understand
the ways of mine

Why can't we live
in peace ?
Why can we have
no release ?

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