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Lyrics & Music by Sandro Tskitišvili

White Winter Rose

"That was the first good song I wrote. I remember I wrote the lyrics a night before I had to see my very best friend, Nina. Song's not about her, but she was clearly an inspiration. Check out "Flowers For Nina" on my LaoZi page, that song is really about her and for her".
In the dark winter night
as I looked up to the stars
I saw my sweetheart see me
heading for the war..

And I fought with hope and might
but I died in vicious fight
Now I'm dead,
I'm not breathing anymore..

So touch my sword with your hand
make its blood turn to sand
Pray for men that I have killed the day before

Make my flesh turn to rain
I would heal the lovers' pain
I would bring the sins of war to the fore...

Are the victories worth of battles
Is The Glory worth of murders ?
How the slaughter can be holy
Tell me now!

Are the wonders worth of evil
Is the Heaven worth of Devil ?
Why is killer known as hero
I don't know.

So touch my heart with your hand
Resurrect me, my friend
Lead me far from this sinful place of woe..

Give me white winter rose
Teach me cure that no one knows
And there won't be the sinners anymore..

Give me white winter rose..

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