Time Waits For No Man

Black Krishna
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Album: The Most Dangerous Man In The World...

It's time for everyone to wake up and step up before our "leaders" trade our version of "freedom" and "democracy" for what they've sold to Iraq.

"Hi Everybody,
Keep on keepin' on, this scrap is winnable with all of you awesome peeps working on it, and I'm going to try and help out.

I just heard the raw compassion of super-qualified 9/11 Truth whistleblower Indira Singh, she was also a hero working for 5 days straight as an EMT after the Twin Towers fell until she got too sick to stand - and like thousands of New Yorkers she still has related health problems. She details her harrowing tale of being victimized by "terror" a few minutes from where she lived on an hour long episode of the "Guns and Butter" radio show, including the fact that she was supposed to be on the 106th floor for a conference and would've been if she'd woken up in time, but instead she saw what happened, changed clothes, and went to work saving lives.

As a former IT and Financial expert who consulted for major financial institutions including Credit Suisse FirstBoston, DeutscheBank (formerly Bankers Trust), American Express and JPMorgan Chase, she was also on the "4 A Closer Look" radio show with Michael Corbin a while back, and took 3 hours to courageously and accurately break down the evil trillionaire trans-national cabal robbing us blind. Now, this was something she couldn't even fathom until she stumbled upon a company called PTech that was a CIA fronted company funding domestic terrorism - and running the back-end software that looked for communications anomalies between NORAD and the FAA for 2 years prior to 9/11. All of her evidence was confirmed as accurate by her bosses at JPMorgan Chase and contacts in the FBI and CIA, and Senator Chuck Grassley was even trying to help her use it to get charges laid.

Basically the evil corporate elites are using acolytes of Skull and Bones and The Muslim Brotherhood - they've known each other for a while - to take power in key areas and fake fights to bring about the "Age of Terror" to set up police states that protect their corruption. In the process they are warping our values with their sick power-mad fantasies which "experts" convince us to justify as "normal", and their secret depravity includes corporations like Halliburton and DynCorp running child sex rings and eventually completely running our lives.

Indira Singh The Journey of a Wall Street Whistleblower

However, I'm pretty sure we can offer the world better alternatives than that, ...

Since time is of the essence and we're all working very hard, I thought I'd try to help both inspire us and humanize us to those who disbelieve our sincerity. People already don't trust the government and corporations, now they have to figure out why. I've explained "Cui bono?" or "Who profits?" or "Who benefits?" numerous times, and once people get it and apply it to all the actions they see, the whole world opens up to review, including "conspiracy theorists", who do us all the wonderful favor of discovering the "conspiracies" screwing us. "

Sometimes I wonder why I'm doing this...

I mean...

What do we want?

Late nights, for updates, fate waits for no man,
Plan, plot and scheme, so the team, sees a grand,
Glorious future, sun shining bright,
But someone has to fight, so I sit, here at night,
Poring through the pages of the madness, sadness,
Fills my soul, soon replaced with gladness,
I'm figuring out, the Fog of Where,
Are we today? And why won't we stare?
And share, with each other, the truth we find,
So the blind can grind, so the blind can find,
Peace of mind, see who chose to fight,
Now find out if we're right, find your way to the light,
Find out my insight, makes sense, all the time,
Then rewind this rhyme, and figure it's time...

Then rewind this rhyme,
And figure it's time...

Time waits for no man...

The blood, the sweat, the tears of old,
My heart grows cold, when so few bold,
Do what you're told, do what you're taught,
But look at the World we've been given? How they sellin' what we bought?
How can we say we never fought? When we're under attack?
Look closer to home, you forgot about Iraq,
Who's lying all the time? About crime? After crime?
Who's getting us to repeat? Lyin' after lyin'?
Who's getting us to push? For war after war?
Guess God'll kill us all, then settle the score,
I'm asking for more,
For what our forefathers swore,
To defend the Constitution, Nothing less, nothing more,
Nothing else is needed if we heeded those words,
Nothing else will matter in the 'hood or the 'burbs,
Nothing else will work if they take, all our rights,
Nothing else to do but stay up, these late nights...

Nothing else will work if they take, all our rights,
Nothing else to do but stay up, these late nights...

Time waits for no man...

Time to face facts, not to run from each other,
Time to relax, and chat, like we're brothers,
I understand you're busy, I understand you're scared,
I understand it all, I understand, 'cause I cared,
I looked into the past, saw the future at last,
Saw those who make sense, Alex Jones and Greg Palast,
Saw where we came from, see where we're going,
Whether it's good or bad, you gotta feel me showing,
How you can do your part, to make the World a work of art,
To separate the smart, from those who've got heart,
From those who've made art, from those in your heart,
Begging you to listen, here comes the easy part:
We've done all the hard work, please assume we're smart...

We've done all the hard work, please assume we're smart...

The World seems strange,
Yeah, we know what you're missing...

The World seems strange,
Yeah, we know what you're missing...

The World seems strange,
Yeah, we know what you're missing...

The World seems strange,
Yeah, we know what you're missing...

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