Patti Smith
Language: English

Album: Banga


Smith penned this prayer-like rocker for the people of Japan in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated their country in 2011.

The New Yorker uses Japan's highest and most symbolic mountain to help convey her feelings about the tragedy.

"Knowing that my country dropped two atom bombs on Japan and killed a couple of hundred thousand people has always been something I've felt a certain amount of pain about. I imagined the people having to deal with this new situation with the threat of a nuclear disaster. I didn't want to write something directly about that but I wanted to show the Japanese people solidarity and love."


Smith ha scritto questa sorta di preghiera per il popolo giapponese in seguito al terremoto e allo tsunami che hanno devastato il loro paese nel 2011.

La newyorkese usa la montagna più alta e simbolica del Giappone per esprimere i suoi sentimenti riguardo alla tragedia.

"Sapere che il mio Paese ha sganciato due bombe atomiche sul Giappone e ucciso duecentomila persone è sempre stato qualcosa per cui ho provato un certo dolore. Ho immaginato che le persone dovessero affrontare questa nuova situazione con la minaccia di un disastro nucleare. Non volevo scrivere una canzone che parlasse direttamente di questo, ma volevo dimostrare la mia solidarietà e il mio amore per il popolo giapponese".
Oh mountain of our eyes
What do you see?
The girl with the almond eyes
Bowing to thee
Immortal soldiers
Clear the path
Shake the almond tree
Oh mountain of our eyes
Oh hear our plea
Oh hear our plea

See the five finger lakes
Like a hand in blue
Climbing sideways up the pure
To get a glimpse of you
To get a glimpse of you

The great lake
The white shirt
Your white cloak
Divine divine
Oh mountain
Of mine
Oh Fuji-San
We're climbing
Into the blue
Into the mist
Into the bright
Into your light

Oh mountain of our eyes
We're calling you
Will you hear our cries?
What will the poor boy do?
What will the poor girl do?

We're calling to you
Oh Fuji-San
Oh Fuji-San
Oh Fuji-San

Oh mountain of our eyes
What do you see?
The girl with the almond eyes
Shaking her tree
Shaking the almond tree

2022/5/16 - 23:29

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