Derek Senn
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my time had come to go
and I wanted to know
what went on on the outside
so I enlisted for
a tour in Ecuador
I wish I'd studied Spanish more
I deplaned with a grin
short on oxygen
and a family took me in
I picked up broken Spanish
splayed out in their hammock
from dubbed dialogue
Pam Anderson's boss
played by Hasselhoff
taught me how to talk
and I got confident
I walked with a certain bent
and I made friends excellent
and we bused it to the coast
and we danced salsa
stoned in Esmeraldas

Mills enlisted so
his time came to go
it was Ontario or go
he crossed his first state line
toe tapped to the time
of his kick drum heart
and he landed in Chu Lai
where he was assigned
to Suicide Mike
welcome overseas
here's an M-16
be all that you can be

military glamour
throwing down the hammer
let's fuck some shit up
the smell of fear and sweat
I don't want to die yet
I'm as scared
as scared can get
and a kill in Vietnam
makes a single mom
so if you see my boy
let him know he taught me love
he taught me what is love
well would you tell him he is loved

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