American Soldier

The Old Dada Weatherman
Language: English

Album: Portraits of Happy Times


He always feels so bad
seeing red flakes on the ground
It's been almost three years now
Since he came in this wild town

But his feet are still on the ground
and his eyes still pouring tears
and each time the sun goes down
his head is full of fears

American soldier
You are a puppet of the big clown
That uses you to win
his goddamn oil war

And you kill for some lies
and when you die he says he's very sorry
don't you think it's worth the try
your life in the hands of Stupidity...

You can't even run away
You're the prisoner of war
You know I'd like to break your cell
but our fight isn't fair..

He uses his god as an excuse
to justify his thirst of power
War against war never worked well
So please hold your flower..

Contributed by giorgio - 2013/4/10 - 15:34

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