Breezes Of Patchulie

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Songwriters: Leitch, Donovan;
Album: Sunshine Superman [1966].
Donovan-Sunshine Superman
The long gone breezes are blowing down the sky
From my window to the street, I cast my weary eye
Everything is quiet in the lonesome dusky night
I'm feeling so alone in the darkness of my night

I remember the days when the sun was warm with love
Softening as the day grew old in dazzling streaks of gold
Now my days are meek, the sunset's the cruelest time
I'm feeling so alone in the darkness of my night

I feel I want to ramble to the shores of the mighty sea
Pounding in my ears the wind so wild and free
To stumble in the high grass, the sand a-glowin' white
My eyes they feel, they break and spell the darkness of my night

My sorrow is confusing, my love will never know
My empty hands they lie down by my sides so low
I walk this sleeping tunnel and the highway in-between bright
I'm feeling so alone in the darkness of my night

Riding feathered wings to lick like I'm a dog
Oft' I've heard the world as it cries out for some love
Cries out for someone, a little compassion and light
They're feeling so alone in the darkness of their night

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