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Revolution Catalyst

Lyrics & Music by John Saullo
Do you feel a ounce of humanity?
When you shot those kids? Now laid dead in the street
What is that you think, inside your shitty brain?

You can't justify your crimes,
killing children, men and wives!

Do you get the urge to cause a little death?
Fuck the troops in Iraq, up to me they'd all be dead
Them killing tools those men of steel,
They're just pawns, in a rotten deal.
Do you need to prove, that you are a man?
Instrument of death, Jingoistic prick
Does humanity really need to bleed?

You can't justify your crimes,
killing children men and wives!

You commit the worst of crimes,
letting war seem justified.

Contributed by giorgio - 2011/1/15 - 19:41

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