The Crooked Cross

Peggy Seeger
Language: English

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In Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger, “New Briton Gazette, Vol. 1”, Folkways Records.
Words and music by Peggy Seeger

Una canzone sulla guerra nazista e sull’Olocausto degli ebrei in Europa che si chiude con due significative strofe di condanna per le gerarchie politico-militari alleate che, tolta qualche condanna esemplare al processo di Norimberga, non perseguirono affatto i responsabili di tanta carneficina e di tanto orrore ed, anzi, si avvalsero ampiamente dei servigi dei nazisti durante il periodo della guerra fredda.
The sudden crop of swastikas on synagogues and cemetaries in Germany and other parts of Europe produced this song.

Have you seen (have you seen)
The butcher’s sign (have you seen)
The killer’s medal (have you seen)
The crooked cross (have you seen)
On that cross (have you seen)
Millions died (have you seen)
When the world (have you seen)
Was crucified (have you seen)

Did you seen (did you see)
On the wall (did you see)
Of your city (did you see)
Crooked crosses (did you see)
People suffered (did you see)
People starved (did you see)
From their graves (did you see)
That cross is carved (did you see)

Did you hear (did you hear)
Hitler yelling (did you hear)
Hitler ranking (did you hear)
Hitler screaming (did you hear)
Don’t want no Jews (did you hear)
In this land (did you hear)
Strike ‘em down (did you hear)
On every hand (did you hear)

Were you there? (did you hear)
In the camps (did you hear)
Ten million (did you hear)
Were murdered there (did you hear)
No mercy (did you hear)
Did they see (did you hear)
Only death (did you hear)
Could set them free (did you hear)

I remember (I remember)
London blazing (I remember)
Paris conquered (I remember)
Warsaw shattered (I remember)
Children dying (I remember)
Smoke and flames (I remember)
Bombs exploding (I remember)
Fascist planes (I remember)

Did you see? (did you see)
Nazis marching (did you see)
Nazis bragging (did you see)
Nazis killing (did you see)
Nazis running (did you see)
In retreat (did you see)
Nazi crawling (did you see)
In defeat (did you see)

Were you there? (were you there)
In the camps (were you there)
Ten million (were you there)
Murdered there (were you there)
Did you care (were you there)
Did you agree (were you there)
When they set (were you there)
The killers free (were you there)

They are free (they are free)
Nazi soldiers (they are free)
Nazi statesman (they are free)
In Germany (they are free)

Free to work among us still
Free to poison, lie and kill
Free to finish Hitler’s plans
Stop them now, while you can, while you can.

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