Fadwa Soliman

Johnny Punish
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Lyrics by Johnny Punish
Music: sung to the tune of "Jimmy Jazz" by The Clash
Album: At The Global Cafe
Fadwa Sulaiman

A prominent Syrian actress, Fadwa Soliman or Fadwa Suleiman (Arabic: فدوى سليمان), has been actively backing the eight-month-old uprising against the country's government, which is blamed for a military crackdown on protests that the UN says has left thousands of people dead.

Fadwa Soliman belongs to the country's minority Alawite sect, the same branch of Islam as the country's ruling Assad family. She has been in the flashpoint city of Homs for weeks, urging more people to take part in the revolution while on the run from authorities. Nisreen El-Shamayleh reports from Amman, the capital of neighbouring Jordan, on the actress-turned-activist who has been disowned by her own family for her leading role in the protest movement.
Police walked in for Soliman
I said: – She ain't here, but she sure went past
Oh, you're looking for Fadwa Soliman

What a mess-a-Syria -Fadwa dread
Cut off her ears and chop off her head
Police come looking for Soliman..

Oh, you're looking for Soliman

So if you're gonna take a message to Assad Town
Tell him freedom won't be clamped down
Ya see my friends we're all just Soliman

Don't you bother me, – not anymore
I can't take oppression oh, no more
It's all around, Fadwa Soliman

F A D W A in Homstown
Basheer Dictator is cracking down
Oh he lookin' for: Soliman

And crackdown sucks
Yeah I said it sucks bad yeah
It’s all around Soliman

Arab spring dictators fall
Freedom for people now one and all
It's everywhere come on Soliman

From Tunis to Cairo eat a gyro
In Tel-Aviv, please believe
The future's here
Come on, Soliman

99% of all of us
Just want to get on that freedom bus
Holding hands together
With Soliman

There's no place for you or for the hate
Stop killing man – before it's too late
Jump on the train
to Freedom town

Fah fah Freedom town they spell it with a capital F
That's what I'm talkin' bout it's the best
Come around to freedom town..
Come on, Fadwa !

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