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Il 1 gennaio 1781, durante la guerra d'indipendenza americana, si verificò un grosso ammutinamento fra i soldati dei 13 reggimenti della Pennsylvania. Le ragioni della ribellione risiedevano nelle pessime condizioni di vita cui erano costretti i militari: razioni povere e scadenti, rifornimenti scarsi, campi e caserme invivibili, paga infima... Il tutto mentre i capoccioni e gli ufficiali non se la passavano niente male e, soprattutto, non crepavano orrendamente maciullati nelle prime linee... L'ammutinamento ebbe successo, anche perchè i soldati rifiutarono l'offerta degli inglesi di passare dalla loro parte. George Washington riconobbe la legittimità della protesta, aprì un negoziato con i ribelli e molte delle loro richieste vennero accolte.
Il successo in Pennsylvania ispirò analoghe rivolte, come quella in New Jersey, che però furono represse nel sangue.

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My time it has expired all on the tenth of June [1781],
Where the pretty birds were singing, and flowers in their bloom,
Where the pretty birds were singing, so sweet from ev'ry tree,
Farewell unto the army, where they beat the reveille.

And to you my lovely officers, a word I have to say,
Before you go to battle, consider well I pray,
See how you kept our wages back, and robbed us of our clothes,
That we so dearly paid for in hard fatiguing blows.

And to you my lovely officers, those lines were written for,
I'd have you to pray for a short and moderate war,
Pray for the strength of Sampson and great King David slight,
For there's scarcely one to twenty of you that's courage
enough to fight.

Hear a word unto our counsel, that rules through every state,
I pray be honest-hearted, for knavery I hate,
Try for once to do justice, be liberal and free,
Deal fairly with a soldier, and he'll deal fair with thee.

What think you of a soldier that fights for liberty,
Do you think he fights for money, or to set his country free?
I'd have you consider, and bear it on your mind,
Lest you should want their help again, it might be bard to find.

Our officers on the right of us, our country on the left,
Our enemy in front of us a-firing at our breasts,
The devil he comes up behind, and brings up the rear,
And a soldier that escapes them all has never need to fear.

My time it has expired, my song is at an end,
Here's a health to General Washington and every soldier's friend,
And he that cheats a soldier out of his little pay,
May the devil take him on his back, to hell with him straightway.

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