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"Kosovo" is a parody of the Beach Boys hit song "Kokomo". It was produced in 1999 by Seattle radio DJ Bob Rivers. The song harshly criticises US involvement in the Kosovo War:

We'll kick some ass,
and then we'll see how it goes,
and then we really don't know.
Good luck to Kosovo.

According to Rivers, "...the intent of the song was to mock my own country for its bullying ways around the world. The idea was to point out how casually the U.S. plays World Police. The song takes on the persona of the U.S. government, ridiculing the fact that we push others around without much concern."

In May 2005 a group of Norwegian peacekeepers in Kosovo parodied the music video for "Kokomo," using Rivers' song with their own hand-held video camera footage. In the parody, the soldiers imitate dance moves and scenes from the original music video in desolate war-torn areas around Kosovo. It was widely broadcast in the Balkans, prompting the Norwegian ambassador to formally apologise.

Rivers stated about the music video, "The song has been stolen ... and I wish there were a way to stop it."

The video
Rivers' response to the video

(from wikipedia)
Croatia, Albania somewhere near Romania
Each hero and NATO, why the hell do we go
Pristina blew up a head for Macedonia, I’ll race ya

Somewhere far overseas
There’s a place called Kosovo
That’s where you don’t want to go
If you’re Albanian at all

Protecting Human Rights
Air strikes and firefights
And we'll be dropping our bombs
Wherever Serbian bad guys hide
Just up from Kosovo

Somalia, Grenada or rescue in Kuwait-a
We screwed ya Rwanda, wish we could of helped ya
Iraqi embargo that’s the way we hustle

Rules are why we’re helping out in Kosovo
We’ll kick some ass and see how it goes
And then we really don’t know
Good luck to Kosovo

Milosevich you sorry son of a bitch

Every time we go
To little places like Kosovo
We never really know
What happens after we go
Tough luck for Kosovo

Croatia Albania somewhere near Romania
Each hero and NATO
Why the hell do we go
Pristina, blew up a head for Macedonia
We’ll kick their ass and then we’ll see how it goes
And then we really don’t know
That sucks for Kosovo
Somalia, Grenada or rescuing Kuwait-a
We screwed ya Rwanda
Wish we could of helped ya
Iraqi embargo
How it ends we don’t know…

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