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Lyrics & Music by David Elon Preston

"Every word I heard the Beach Boys sing slipped away with Martin Luther King." I had the tune in my head for a long time, then after watching the movie, "Pleasantville", the seeds were planted for the first line: "I remember life in black and white.."
I remember life in black and white,
Watching Lassie every Sunday night,
The plan was simple and the path was straight
Do your homework, don't stay up too late
You'll grow up and live your parents' life someday…

I began to see some shades of gray
McNamara, Gulf of Tonkin Bay..
Every word I heard the Beach Boys sing
Slipped away with Martin Luther King
I fell to pieces over Kent, Ohio one day..
But I wouldn't have it any other way.

When I think about my life with you
I see a tapestry of every hue
Dreams were scattered when the wind has blown
We could have changed things if we'd only known
I've heard of places where greener grasses lay…

I think John Lennon helped me understand
"Life just happens while you're trying to plan"
And when I hold you in the dark still night
I know that nothing's ever black and white
Still your heartbeat keeps my world from slipping away..
And I wouldn't have it any other way.

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