Attack Iraq

Adam McNaughtan
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Bush and Blair lie number one:
Saddam’s to blame that the war’s begun.
Nick nack attack Iraq wi missile and wi bomb
Some of our boys won’t come home.

Bush and Blair lie number two:
Civilian deaths are gonnae be few.
Nick nack attack Iraq bomb and then rebuild
Shame about the thousands killed.

Bush and Blair lie number three:
We’re fighting for democracy.
Nick nack attack Iraq deserts full o sand
Helicopters cannae land.

Bush and Blair lie number four:
We’re engaged in a just war.
Nick nack attack Iraq forward wi the tanks
The Footsie and Dow-Jones give thanks.

Bush and Blair lie number five:
Iraq’s an Al Qaeda hive.
Nick nack attack Iraq helicopter crashes
Dust to dust and ashes to ashes.

Bush and Blair lie number six:
Saddam’s been hoodwinking Hans Blix
Nick nack attack Iraq missiles under wraps
Fool the simple UN chaps.

Bush and Blair lie number seven:
This campaign is conscience-driven.
Nick nack attack Iraq tank and ship and plane,
The Dow-Jones rises once again.

Bush and Blair lie number eight:
We’re only here to liberate.
Nick nack attack Iraq if the bombing works,
What’s to be done about the Kurds and Turks.

Bush and Blair lie number nine:
Oil has never crossed our mind.
Nick nack attack Iraq who’s behind the mike?
Is it Saddam or a lookalike?

Bush and Blair lie number ten:
We believe in the UN.
Nick nack attack Iraq tanks and planes and ships,
The Charter’s been torn into strips.

Nick nack attack Iraq don’t stand any mair!
Sack Butcher Bush and Bloodstained Blair.

Contributed by Riccardo Venturi - 2005/6/30 - 18:54

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