Homeward Bound

Bob T. Guevara
Language: English

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Lyrics & Music by Bob T. Guevara
Album: Live at the OpenAir Spontanz
Live at the OpenAir Spontanz

"The chorus to that song I had in mind since we had to go on terrible exhausting marches in the army, years later I wrote a song around the chorus".
I've been far away
in many-a strange land
And I met many strange people there,
kids, women and men..
But for one more time
I'm coming back again
To the place where I was born
to my native land.

Homeward Bound
Homeward bound,
Yes, I am
Homeward bound.

There are many-a countries
that I could call home..
I have many friends there,
so I won't feel alone.
So whenever you go to a now place
you can find there a friend
And when you travel again there
you will be again.

Homeward Bound,
Homeward bound,
Yes, you'll be
Homeward bound.

There are girls who charmed my heart
most everywhere.
Some where pretty crazy
some lovely and fair.
But they all gave me the feeling
of being not alone
With them I felt safe
Not on my own.

Homeward Bound,
Homeward bound,
Yes, I was
Homeward bound.

Each one of us travels
a different road
But each one carries
a heavy load.
And once we reached the end
We will all
Shout out
The very same call

Homeward Bound
Homeward bound,
Yes, we are
Homeward bound..

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