A Soldier's Lament

Silvia’s Magic Hands
Language: Italian

I see the rising sun
This may be my last day
We’re waitin’ for the order to come
To march head-long into the fray
I didin’t join for money
I didin’t join for fame
I was looking for a job
When the war came
My stomach’s tight
I didin’t sleep last night
I saw your golden hair
In a watery light
The life I left behind
Is a pale memory
Blood and stone now
Is all I’m able to see
The faint glow of a cigarettes
Is how we know our enemy
I’ve heard it said, I hope it’s true
That he’s just as scared as me
I saw a shooting star
Thru my pill-bow window
I hear your name everytime
The wind blows
It’s been a while now
Since a razor’s seen my cheeks
I’m less the man I was
With every passing week
If I outrun the bullet
If I make it home alive
Can we put all this behind us
And carry on with our lives?
I hear our captain’s voice
Cuttin’ clear through the cloud
I pull my rifle onto my shoulder
And disappear into the crowd

Contributed by DonQuijote82 - 2010/7/26 - 17:02

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