Deserter's Song

Mean Lawyers
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Ho trovato questa canzone su YT, non si riesce però a trovare alcuna notizia sulla band in questione.
All i've seen during my service.. a handle of invaded cities
All that took over my nights .. remorse, screams.of sorrow.. of pain!
Don't make me... wear your medals
don't force me... to pay your debts

Cause life's not waking up at 6 am
uniform, fidelity to the native land
People are getting too much into This Life
They forget that we are crossing... Forget that we are crossing it for a while..

We will bring down these skyscrapers and cultivate instead of them some pure grass
We'll make leaders tell us stories, yes, as they always did..
Around a campfire, from the North Pole to Antarctica..we'll spread peacefulness .
We'll sing proudly for the first time, the rhythms of love in the world

Cause life's not waking up at 6 am
uniform, fidelity to the native land (Insomnia has become my closest friend)
I was mindless, i got too much into this life
I forgot that i was crossing.. Forget that i was crossing it for a while.. lalala

Contributed by Dq82 - 2018/11/10 - 12:23

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