Listen to the Children

Marty Stuart
Language: English

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Album: Badlands - Ballads of the Lakota

Should you go out today, to reservation land
Look into the eyes, of the first Americans
Three hundred years of suffering, is what you're gonna find
If you believe the time has come for healing, Step on your side of the line

I see the face of a child, whose time is drawing near
Born to lead the people, to new waters that are clear
Guided by the Holy Spirit, everywhere he goes
To finish what was started, on the ancient Red Man's road.

The prophecy's spoken, the past, shall be fulfilled at last.
As we listen to the children, listen to the children
Listen to the children
Listen to the children, listen to the children
Listen to the children

In the Badlands, Badlands, Badlands, Badlands
Badlands, Badlands, Badlands, Badlands

Contributed by adriana - 2012/9/22 - 11:44

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