Which Side Are You On

Keith McKenry
Language: English

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Copyright: Keith McKenry 2006
From/Da Centre For Political Song

Dr. Keith McKenry.
Dr. Keith McKenry.

"This song is my response to the obscenity of the so-called 'War on Terror', an obscenity compounded by the aggressive fiction peddled by the United States Government that in regard to its unprovoked invasion of Iraq, an invasion unrelated to the horrific September 11 terrorist attack on the United States but obscenely piggy-backing on it, that we are either 'for them or against them'. As every day goes on, and each side in Iraq becomes more enmeshed in perpetrating horror against innocents, we need increasingly to stand up and cry 'Not in our name!'" -Keith McKenry.
Come all you good people,
The truth to you I’ll tell
Of how this wondr’ous world of ours
Has been dragged into Hell.


Which side are we on?
Which side are we on?
Which side are we on?
Which side are we on?

They say in this ‘Terror War’
There are no neutrals there.
We’re siding with Al Qaeda
If we’re not with Bush and Blair.

Oh friends, how can we stand it?
Oh tell me how we can?
Will we all be cowed and conned
Or will we make a stand?

There is no ‘War on Terror’
When both sides kill and maim,
When both sides torture pris’ners,
Then both sides are the same.

There is no ‘War on Terror’
On that we must agree,
The war is on our freedoms,
Our rights and liberty.

Our parents fought for freedom
- Our rights they proudly won -
If we don’t stand together now
It all will be undone.

Don’t grovel to warmongers,
Don’t listen to their lies.
Our poor world won’t have a chance
Unless we organize.

Unless we all arise!

Contributed by Riccardo Venturi - 2006/8/19 - 14:16

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