The Price of Freedom

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1991 EP "A Taste of SPAM"


Flood originally penned Freedom as an anti-war song, after the first Iraq War broke out in the Middle East. "The lyrics are meant as gospel for keeping things glued together as opposed to ripping everything apart," he explained.

The Price of Freedom

"When I wrote those lyrics 30 years ago, I was fearful that America was headed in the wrong direction —I was against the war in Iraq. Now, 30 years later, we are facing an even larger crisis, a power struggle over the soul of America, with threats of a looming Civil War."

Eurekepiphany Records to release 30th Anniversary Remastered Version of "The Price of Freedom" by SPAMPARIS
Heard it on the radio, say it isn't so,
it seems the end is near.
And I can't understand, why we're in a foreign land,
we must be clear.
This land is strong you see,
it bears our hopes and dreams,
and no one can take it away.
But there's a problem here,
the cost is high I fear we all will,
pay the price of freedom.

We walk together, hand in hand,
until the path divides.
I will hope and you will pray,
could we both be right?
t's the choice we make, no dignity at stake,
we all want to survive.
But still I count the days,
until the end of the human race,
we all will pay the price of freedom

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