Frankland Prison Blues

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Nella mia ora di libertà
(Fabrizio De André)
Sugnu comu un cunìgghiu
(Rosa Balistreri)

When I see a prison, I see a vested interest in recidivism; the righteous and pure on a moral mission, an awful draconian place
Will nobody listen? Can we please move beyond this simplistic vision?
Of ‘intrinsically bad natured citizens’ and the myth that it’s keeping us safe.

When I see a prison I see an inconsistency,
I see differential treatment, I see widespread inequality
I see a failing system that is grinning in defeat, I see a cycle that nobody’s trying to break, a pattern that’s built to repeat,

They say “when you open up a school, you close a prison door”
Well we keep underfunding education and locking up the poor
And I’m not sure where this is heading
But I know it isn’t great, we turned our heads away and they built a prison state.

“Take me, take me anywhere, I never really cared about this freedom, It was never meant for me
Lead me, lead me to my cell, I deserve to be in hell, there’s your solution, you should lock me up and throw away the key, Eternally. Imprison me.”

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