Word Bomber

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Album “The Boy Bands Have Won…”


Dall'outro al brano sul sito del gruppo:

When the names of the four young men from leeds who murdered 52 people in London in July 2005 were revealed, a friend of ours talked of how she’d been at high school with one of the boys, Shehzad Tanweer, who worked in his mum & dad’s fish & chip shop. That he’d been a “lovely young lad.” In his taped message recorded before the bombing, Shehzad said, “What you have witnessed now is only the beginning of a series of attacks which will intensify and continue until you pull all your troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq. Until you stop all financial and military support to the US and Israel and until you release all Muslim prisoners from Belmarsh and your other concentration camps. And know that if you fail to comply with this then know that this war will never stop.”
But of course, the repeated ‘you’ in this statement – the ‘you’ that sit in parliament advocating war – weren’t on the buses and tube trains that morning. We too want to stop these wars, but with words, not bombs.

Roy Bailey sings the vocal, and inevitably makes the song his own.
Strap these words
Around your waist
Open arms
A last embrace
Go make your peace
Take the train
A last goodbye
Throw your rhymes
At passers-by
‘One Love’
On your hi-fi

Words is all
Around the underground
And ticket halls
Declare your peace
Wall to wall
Back in Leeds
The news we heard
No-one killed
And no-one hurt
Wish all the young men
Used only words
Words is all
Around the underground
And ticket halls
Declare your peace
Wall to wall.

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