The Marine's Lament (The Pink Peril)

Fred Small
Language: English

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Album "Everything Possible: Fred Small in Concert"
Everything Possible: Fred Small in Concert

Una presa per il culo della marzialità, del coraggio, dello sprezzo del pericolo e di tutte le altre "virtù" guerriere.
So che non si addice molto in questo momento postare una simile canzone, ma tant'è... non rispondo ai falsi richiami all'unità della nazione nel momento del lutto.. chiamatemi pure antipatriota, ne vado fiero!
("Weewee" è il pirillo, il pistolino, o come cazzo volete chiamarlo...)
From the halls of Montezuma
To the shores of Tripoli
I have fought my country's battles
I have faced every enemy

I ain't scared of no Iraqi missiles
I ain't scared of no Russian tanks
If I'm captured and tortured all they'll get
Is my serial number name and rank

You know I'd storm Baghdad to kick Saddam's butt
Swim to Havana bring home Castro's beard
For my buddies throw my body on a live grenade
I guess I just don't know the meaning of fear

But please
Please please please please please
Don't make me shower with a fairy
Not a fairy - fairies scare me
Cause a fairy might look at my weewee
My weewee - it's so teeny!

Contributed by Alessandro - 2009/9/20 - 16:36

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