Flowers In Bloom

Tristan Clopet
Language: English

Album: "Duende"

Tristan Clopet
When a mother comes home and has to tell her son
That she's gotta go to war. He's gonna be on his own
It's a problem. Yeah, it's a problem
And a father comes home and has to tell his daughter
That he won't be around to see her grow up anymore
It's a problem. Yeah, it's a problem

Blood is thicker than oil
And though we know that the sun will rise tomorrow
Ain't no reason to fight
And spend countless nights in the dirt trenches
Watching those sentences
We need another route
Something to talk about
To help us back home
And even a little faith just might help those
That lost their own

So let's sew those seeds
And plant those dreams
And let the people of the world
Know we do have hearts
And that we promise not to start
Another self-beneficiary war
And another thing more
We should show our kids
This ain't a way to live
Mind, body and soul
Is all you need to carry on
And let me share a little bit
Just be in touch with yourself kid
Cause you can't control nothing else

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