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Coward of the County

Scritta da Roger Bowling e Billy Ed Wheeler
Singolo poi nell’album di Kenny Rogers intitolato “Kenny”

La vittima della violenza non si fa vendetta da sola, come in No Man's Land di Tanya Tucker, ma a vendicarla ci pensa una figura di reietto, fino a quel momento considerato dai bulli rednecks il “vigliacco del paese”…
Everyone considered him
inviata da Bernart Bartleby 17/9/2014 - 10:24
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Twenty Years Ago

Album: They Don't Make Them Like They Used To - 1986

In the song, the narrator talks about visiting the old town where he grew up in and mentions how much more simple and possibly better life was back then. He mentions the old movie house and the drug store where he worked and his childhood friend who died in Vietnam in 1964.
It's been a long time since I walked
inviata da Gallant 26/12/2010 - 05:06
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(Something Inside) So Strong


Una canzone contro l'apartheid che Labi Siffre scrisse dopo essere rimasto sconvolto da un documentario in cui veniva mostrato un soldato del regime sudafricano che sparava a freddo su un bambino di colore...
Canzone scritta nel 1984 e poi inclusa nell'album intitolato "So Strong" del 1987.

La canzone fu ripresa con grande successo da Kenny Rogers nel 1989.
(Bernart Bartleby)
The higher you build your barriers
inviata da Alessandro 16/2/2010 - 12:45

Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town


"Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town" is a song written by Mel Tillis about a paralyzed veteran of a "crazy Asian war" (given the time of its release, widely assumed—but never explicitly stated—to be the Vietnam War) who either lies helplessly in bed or sits helplessly in his wheelchair as his wife "paints [herself] up" to go out for the evening without him; he believes she is going in search of a lover, and as he hears the door slam behind her, he pleads for her to reconsider. The song was made famous by [Kenny Rogers and The First Edition in 1969. "Ruby" was originally recorded in 1967 by Johnny Darrell, who scored a number nine country hit with it that year.

I always thought this was a very powerful song. There aren't too many songs about disabled war veterans and this one made it's point as far as I am concerned. It was a big hit, but I'll bet most people missed the point. You... (continua)
You've painted up your lips and rolled and curled your tinted hair,
27/4/2005 - 22:56

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