Weapons: our daily home war


Charlton Heston accepting a presentation rifle at 2000 NRA convention: "From my cold, dead hands!"
Charlton Heston accepting a presentation rifle at 2000 NRA convention: "From my cold, dead hands!"

67 songs in this group

Amerika, du tar mina vänner
(Björn Afzelius)
As Usual
(Rob Lincoln)
Aurora Massacre
(David Rovics)
Autobiography of a Pistol
(Ellis Paul)
Baby Boy
(Rival Sons)
Bang Bang
(Green Day)
Bath, Michigan
(Landis MacKellar)
Choice of Weapons
Cold Dead Hand
(Jim Carrey)
Come Out and Play (Keep 'Em Separated)
Come un battito di ciglia
(Franco Volpato)
(Brandi Carlile)
Dakota Sunset
(Big Country)
Don't Forget The Guns
(Cheryl Wheeler)
Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
(Rolling Stones)
Duncan Brady
(Björn Afzelius)
First Thing I Learned About a Gun
(Tom Neilson)
Folded Flags
(Roger Waters)
Friend of Mine
(Cohen Brothers)
Fuego y miedo
Glorified G
(Pearl Jam)
God Bless Your Family
(NanaKojo Adu)
Got Guns?
(Pete Kronowitt)
(Gil Scott-Heron)
Gun Control
(Ian Hunter)
(Adrian Belew)
Guns At My School
(Hüsker Dü)
I Don't Like Mondays
(Boomtown Rats)
If It Were Up To Me
(Cheryl Wheeler)
Il giocattolo
(Frankie HI-NRG MC)
Johnny Got a Gun
(Tom Paxton)
Just a Video Game
(Rod MacDonald)
Kids With Guns
La bala
(Calle 13)
La pistola
(Giorgio Gaber)
Love is a Good Thing
(Sheryl Crow)
Lower the Flag
(Bon Jovi)
Ma loro sono avanti
(I Gatti Mézzi)
(Björn Afzelius)
Moses With a Gun
Nobody Died
Northwest Passage
(Roger John)
Only the Young
(Taylor Swift)
Please Mr. Gunman
Pray for Newtown
(Sun Kil Moon)
River of Rage‎
(Jim Page)
Saturday Night Special
(Lynyrd Skynyrd)
Set Da People Free
Shelter in Place
(Andrzej Garczarek)
Son of a Gun
Strength Through Music
(Amanda Palmer)
Tanto per cambiare
(Corrado Sannucci)
The Kinslayer
The Long Way Around
(Jackson Browne)
The Riverbank
(Paul Simon)
The Shooting of His Dear (or Polly Vaughan)
(A. L. Lloyd)
To The Teeth
(Ani DiFranco)
Valentine's Day
(David Bowie)
Voglio armarmi
Von Maur Massacre
What if No Matter
(Tom Paxton)
(Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch)

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