Sacco and Vanzetti


This itinerary collects the songs dedicated to Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, the two Italian anarchists, who were arrested, unfairly tried, and electrocuted in Massachusetts in 1927 on charges of murder, when it was really for their political convinctions.

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57 songs in this group

'A seggia elettrica [Mamma sfurtunata]
(E.A. Mario)
87 ore
(99 Posse)
Adieu Sacco & Vanzetti
(Ronald Creagh & Ordinaria Hit)
(Leoncarlo Settimelli)
Arturo Giovannitti: Time's End
Colpevole di ghetto
De dödsdömda
(Jan Hammarlund)
(Andrea Sigona)
E c'è una storia che ci piace ascoltare
(Foce Carmosina)
Facing The Chair
(Andy Irvine)
Funeral Song
(Jake and the Infernal Machine)
(Konstantin Wecker)
I Just Want To Sing Your Name
(Woody Guthrie)
Inclinato ad oriente
(Foce Carmosina)
La canzone di Sacco e Vanzetti
(Marino Piazza)
La piena del fiume
(Matteo Podda)
Lacreme 'e cundannate
(Alfredo Bascetta)
Lettera (di Nicola Sacco)
Lettera a Sacco [P'o figlio suoio]
(Alfredo Bascetta)
Lettera di Woody Guthrie al giudice Thayer
(Cesare Basile)
My Own Two Hands
(Peter Hicks)
Nico e Bart
(JMA feat. Fra Jamb)
Old Judge Thayer
(Woody Guthrie)
Olive da friggere forte
(Foce Carmosina)
Oltre il mare
(Joe Fallisi)
Para qué sirvió
(José Antonio Labordeta)
Red Wine
(Woody Guthrie)
Remember Sacco and Vanzetti
(Bob A. Feldman)
Requiem für Sacco und Vanzetti
(Erich Mühsam)
Root Hog And Die
(Woody Guthrie)
Sacco and Vanzetti
(Against All Authority)
Sacco e Vanzetti
Sacco e Vanzetti
(Vampo - Pensiero)
Sacco e Vanzetti
Sacco e Vanzetti
Sacco e Vanzetti
Sacco o Vanzetti
Sacco und Vanzetti
(Franz-Josef Degenhardt)
Sacco y Vanzetti
(Martín Castro)
Sacco's Letter To His Son
(Pete Seeger)
Sacco, Vanzetti
(Ruth Crawford Seeger)
Son morti! La tomba or rinchiude
Suassos Lane
(Woody Guthrie)
Sur le port de Dieppe
(Gérard-André Gaillard)
The Ballad of Nick & Bart [Here's To You]
(Joan Baez)
The Ballad Of Sacco And Vanzetti, Part One
(Joan Baez)
The Ballad Of Sacco And Vanzetti, Part Three
(Joan Baez)
The Ballad Of Sacco And Vanzetti, Part Two
(Joan Baez)
The Flood And The Storm
(Woody Guthrie)
Thoughts about Sacco and Vanzetti
(Deborah Kooperman)
Tutto è finito, la morte è ormai decisa
Two Good Arms
(Charlie King)
Two Good Men
(Woody Guthrie)
Vanzetti's Letter
(Woody Guthrie)
Vanzetti's Rock
(Woody Guthrie)
We Welcome To Heaven
(Woody Guthrie)
You Souls Of Boston
(Woody Guthrie)


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