The Tallest Tree

Bonnie Guitar
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Written by Richard Antonio

Bonnie Guitar

Canzone country sentimentale di una madre che vede nell'arco di vent'anni tre figli uccisi in tre diverse guerre: la Seconda Guerra Mondiale, la guerra in Corea e il Vietnam.
The growth of a man takes a lifetime,
Just like the tall evergreen,
Three sons were my forest,
I sheltered them with pride,
Ben was my tallest tree.

Ben, he grew proud like the redwood,
Feared not a thing he could see,
World war two took his life away,
Then Dave was my tallest tree.

Dave, he grew more like an oak tree,
Strong as a man oughtta be,
Korea, the war, and they took one more,
Then Joe was my tallest tree.

Now Joe, he used to say to me -
Mommy, please don't cry,
Remember, remember what the rangerman used to say
Some trees just gotta be felled,
So the whole forest won't die,
He was my tallest tree.

Joe went away for the last time,
Sailed on the old seven seas,
In Vietnam
They took my only son,
He was my tallest tree.

21/8/2020 - 23:47

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