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Història d'Espanya (explicada pels espanyols) (Brams)
At Peace With Woman (The Jones Girls)
Carnivore (Les Garçons Bouchers)
En cet Hiver de 1915, il vous aimait très fort (François Hadji-Lazaro)
Verdun (Bernard Joyet)
Louise (Gérard Berliner)
Le Lac Majeur (Mort Shuman)
Utile (Julien Clerc)
Nonviolence They Choose for Afghanistan (Anita McKone) Downloadable!
Love and Mercy (Brian Wilson)
Dear Mr. Man (Prince)
Echoes (Leon Thomas)
Butterflies (Ziggy Marley)
Amen (Ziggy Marley)
Sex Is Not the Enemy (Garbage)
Son a Lumumba (Carlos Puebla)
In the Hands of Love (The Dream Academy)
In Exile (for Rodrigo Rojas) (The Dream Academy)
Trenches (John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers)
Arlington '73 (Crass)
Out of Sight Out of Mind (Napalm Death)
Continuing War on Stupidity (Napalm Death)
Walls (Siege) (Napalm Death)
From Enslavement to Obliteration (Napalm Death)
Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System (Carcass)
Third Crusade (Cowboy Junkies)
Il guerrafondaio (Renzo Zenobi) Downloadable!
Pace e guerra (Frankie HI-NRG MC) Downloadable!
Remember (Renaissance)
Maquis (Ska-P)
All Your Friends (Coldplay)
Greensboro Massacre (Bob A. Feldman)
Il pappagallo (Sergio Endrigo)
Drummer Hodge (Thomas Hardy)
Giorgio Perlasca (Sandy Cash)
Old Man Atom [Atomic Talking Blues] (Vern Partlow)
Les poètes (Louis Aragon)
Today in Charlottesville (David Rovics) Downloadable!
Taulich (Anonymous) Downloadable!
Guerra (Residente)
Petizione per l'affidamento dei figli alle coppie omosessuali (Alessio Lega) Downloadable!
Guerra por la paz (Keyo) Downloadable!
Red Alerta (Macaco)
Giordano Bruno (Rocco Rosignoli)
El informe del forense (Melendi)
Brothers (Randy Newman)
Les "flics" (Henri Tachan)
Admira e Boško (Alberto Cantone)
Siete venuti a cercare (Alberto Cantone)
Il pornoattore (Alberto Cantone)


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