The Spirit Said, "No"

Tom Paxton
Lingua: Inglese

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Album "It Ain't Easy"
Words and music by Tom Paxton
"I feel that I must fight," I cried,
But the spirit said, "No."
"This time I am right," I cried.
But the Spirit said, "No."
Righteous anger turned my head;
All my thoughts were burning red
To see my enemy lie dead,
But the Spirit said, "No."

"The need to fight is strong," I cried.
But the Spirit said, "No."
"My enemy is wrong," I cried,
But the Spirit said, "No."
"My faithless enemy broke trust.
I'd see him trampled in the dust,
For God knows that my cause is just,"
But the Spirit said, "No."

Anger flowed like burning liquor,
Through my blood and my brain.
Hatred for my enemy,
The need to cause him pain.
Was my obsession now,
My craving , now;
God damn my enemy!
Why, look at him standing there!
Why, can't you see,
How he hates me?

"I want to see him dead!" I cried.
But the Spirit said, "No."
"You heard the things he said!" I cried
But the Spirit said, "No."
"There is no kinder soul than I,
But he's a beast, and that is why,
I'd see him dead - I'd see him die,"
But the Spirit said, "No."

I want to walk the peace walk.
I want to talk the peace talk.
I want to find the freedom,
In my heart.

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