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Hell Is For Children

Album "Crimes of Passion"

"Hell Is for Children" came from an article that…I was living in New York when we wrote it and the New York Times did a series of articles about child abuse in America. I came from a really small town on Long Island and I had no idea that this existed, not in the little gingerbread place I came from. I was stunned. It affected me so much. I was moved by the articles. When ever that would happen I would write. I said to Neil [Giraldo, guitarist], ‘I want you to do something to the music that it sounds like pain. I want the intense pain that’s happening to these children in the notes,’ and so he did and it turned out just great. It became an anthem. I always wonder if other people have lofty intentions. I didn’t."
(Da un'intervista a Jeff Maisey)
They cry in the dark, so you can't see their tears
Contributed by Alessandro 2009/8/13 - 15:03
Song Itineraries: Child Abuse
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Too Long A Soldier


From the album "Wide awake in Dreamland"
Written by: Neil Geraldo & Myron Grombacher

Dall'album "Wide awake in dreamland"
Scritta da Neil Geraldo e Myron Grombacher
We were the children of `45
Contributed by Riccardo Venturi 2005/5/17 - 00:27

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