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Author Halfdan Wedel Rasmussen

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Each Small Candle

Album: In The Flesh - Live 2000

The first stanza is a poem written for Danish Amnesty International by Halfdan Rasmussen. The lyrics of the rest of the song are Roger's response to a newspaper article about the story of a Serbian soldier who helped an Albanian woman lying wounded in a burned-out building.

Halfdan Rasmussen (January 29, 1915 in Copenhagen – March 2, 2002) was a Danish poet. He was known for his nonsensical children's verse and his serious adult writings about social issues and human rights.
Rasmussen was a resistance fighter during the German occupation He became very well known and respected as a poet, nearly becoming a national poet of Denmark. One of his poems, Ikke Bødlen, was featured as one of the best poems on Human Rights on a 1979 book published by Amnesty International Denmark, and would be later translated into the first verse of Roger Waters' song Each Small... (Continues)
Not the torturer will scare me
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