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Évariste: La chasse au boson intermédiaire

L'ho ascoltata. In effetti è completamente folle. In tempi più recenti i Gogol Bordello hanno scritto un'altra canzone ugualmente folle dedicata alla fisica delle particelle...


First time I had read the Bible
It had stroke me as unwitty
I think it may started rumor
That the Lord ain't got no humor

Put me inside SSC
Let's test superstring theory
Oh yoi yoi accelerate the protons
stir it twice and then just add me, 'cause

I don't read the Bible
I don't trust disciple
Even if they're made of marble
Or Canal Street bling

From the maelstrom of the knowledge
Into the labyrinth of doubt
Frozed underground ocean
melting - nuking on my mind

Yes give me Everything Theory
Without Nazi uniformity
My brothers are protons
My sisters are neurons
Stir it twice, it's instant family!

I don't read the Bible
I don't trust disciple
Even if they're made... (Continues)
Lorenzo 2012/5/15 - 22:13
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Immigraniada (We Comin' Rougher)

Trans-Continental Hustle
Immigrada immigraniada
Contributed by DoNQuijote82 2012/1/15 - 12:23
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Gypsy punks: underdog world strike

un'altra storia di emigrazione
When I was younger I lived in fear
Contributed by DoNQuijote82 2010/6/6 - 18:04
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Gypsy punks: underdog world strike

Basically, it's an anti-war song- "that war/it never stops!" But it's more than that. He manages to dissect not only the roots of where war exists in our culture but also the helplessness of such understanding (nobody listens, nobody cares) while maintaining an advisory stature. Are we the only light there is? For ourselves we are. Hopeless? Not if you take care of your own.
from Pacifist War Games
Don't believe them for a moment
2008/1/14 - 17:31

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