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Cheney's Toy

Lyrics and Music by James McMurtry
Album: Just Us Kids
Another unknown soldier
Contributed by giorgio 2010/5/23 - 20:04
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We Can't Make It Here

Album: Childish Things
There’s a Vietnam Vet with a cardboard sign
2006/1/22 - 00:24
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From "Chiildish Thing"

2004 turned him into a political songwriter. His latest album, Childish Things, has a couple of great ones. "Can't Make It Here Anymore" is a general broadside against our cultural decay and rich conservatives, but the last verse of "Holiday" is more specifically about the war. Not so much about the war as about the soldiers, though. He talks about a forty-odd year old Iowa Guardsman sitting in O'Hare (presumably on Thanksgiving), being sent back to Iraq. He remembers being in O'Hare in 1968, watching soldiers coming back from Vietnam...

(Leggy Starlitz, via Daily Kos)
The in-laws are waiting the games have begun
2006/1/22 - 00:17

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