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Wake Up My Children


(Kevin Coyne/Dave Clague/NickCudworth)
Wake up my children
Contributed by donquijote82 2014/5/15 - 10:16

Poor Swine

 ALBUM: Blame It On The Night 

(Kevin Coyne)

( Robert Olver has this "analysis" of the song which I think is really good:"The opening verse describes the funeral procession of 7 miners killed in a mining accident..."pit boots" are the big boots miners wear...members of the procession casting roses while ladies look down from windows and cry...our "poor swine" is the mine owner or boss who is heartsick about what's happened, but is blamed for it. In fact, this is one of my favorite Coyne songs. One of the great things about Kevin is that he often expresses sentiments that no one else does and this is a prime example. We often hear about the discrimination of the upper classes against the lower, but this is the only song I know of that talks about the reverse situation.")
See the red-neck climb the cobbled streets casting roses around
Contributed by Donquijote82 2014/5/14 - 20:23

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