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The Forgotten

Lyrics & music by Dave Rogers
from David Rovics Pandemic Open Mic Mondays #2

Still about COVID 19
On the streets of Glasgow, Willy sleeps on the floor
Contributed by giorgio 2020/8/25 - 19:35

The Malvinas

Recorded by Roy Bailey
...Freedom Peacefully (1985)

These are the lyrics of a song against the Faulklands War. (Taken from the book 'Peace Songs' Compiled and editied by John Jordan). I think the sentiments are very relevant to today.

Malvinas (1982) Written from an original idea of John Pole, by Dave Rogers
(from Irish anti war movement)
As I passed through Portsmouth I heard a young woman,
2005/9/17 - 14:50
Song Itineraries: Falklands (Malvinas) War

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