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L'Internationale (Eugène Pottier) Downloadable! Video!


Sein 1940 (Tri Yann) Video!

Il testo del canto gallese da cui è tratta la musica della canzone:

The Comin' of the Roads (Billy Edd Wheeler) Video!

Tyrd Yn Ôl (The Comin' Of The Roads), il testo della versione in Gallese (Cymraeg) di G. Davies cantata da Mary Hopkin.

The Green Fields Of France (No Man's Land) (Eric Bogle) Downloadable! Video!


This Land Is Your Land (Woody Guthrie) Downloadable! Video!

La versione gallese (cimrica) di Dafydd Iwan da Welsh Ballads

What Song Ever Stopped A War? (Songbird Cooper)

This is a Welsh translation of 'What Song Ever Stopped A War' by SongBird Cooper. SongBird(one of her pen names) lived in Wales as a young child. Her parents were born and bred in South Wales.

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