It's Time For Justice Now

Nora Callahan
Lingua: Inglese

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Una canzone di denuncia dei devastanti effetti del proibizionismo e della "war on drugs" negli USA.

L'autrice della canzone, Nora Callahan, รจ un'attivista della November Coalition, un gruppo che si batte contro il proibizionismo e gli abusi cui sono sottoposti i detenuti nelle carceri statunitensi
Il brano viene proposto dal gruppo 2M, sigla che sta per "2 Million prisoners/Too Many", di cui fa parte la stessa Nora Callahan (vocal) insieme a Katana Christen (Guitar/Bass) e Joshua Spiegel (Accordion/Drums).
Is it time for justice now?
There's a prison near every town
A mother wails, and a wife falls to her knees
When the judge gives 30 years.

Is it time for freedom now?
Give schools these prison towns
Open up the gates, and renovate this land

Or is this some grander plan?
It's time to end this war
Stand up and tell 'em "No more!"
We've problems that are bigger than a bag of weed
Now the stuff's worth more than gold

Prohibition cannot work
When wages pay like dirt
We can't find jobs or build new schools
But we can pay a guard
More than the average slob

And nobody's kidding me
This war ain't about no weed
Or LSD, heroin, smack, crack or a little speed

And that leaves you and me
It's a war on everyone
A snitch's word can take your son
A mother wails, and a wife falls to her knees
When the judge give 30 years...

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