Far Away

Lingua: Inglese

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Un brano sull'11 settembre 2001. Mentre i volontari cercano di salvare vite umane dalle torri colpite, il presidente Bush si nasconde in un luogo top-secret
7:30 am nurse the baby on the couch
then the phone rings
turn on the t.v
watch the world explode in flames
and don't leave the house

And the sky overhead
is silent, waiting
clear blue holds its breath
and the heart is hit
in a city far away
but it feels so close

Don't breathe the air today
don't speak of why you're afraid
(standing here on a one way road
and I fall down
no other direction for this to go
so we fall down)

why can't i get along with you?

And the president hides
while working men rush in
to give their lives
i look to the sky
and ask it not to rain
on my family tonight.

inviata da Alessandro - 7/1/2009 - 11:30

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